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High-Quality Website Design Service

Building your official website is the most important step to promote your business
We will make your website at an affordable price
The website from Maizonweb will support your successful online presence!

Mobile friendly Website

Promote your business with your own unique mobile friendly website design

Web Design

We build websites optimized for different device types such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones with customized website designs for various industries

Build a website that makes a cash flow to you

MaizonWeb Service


Optimized for hand-held devices

Mobile website usage has been on the rise for years. More people are searching on mobile devices rather than on desktops or laptops. A mobile friendly website helps you stand out among the competitors.
Even if you currently have a PC website, it is highly recommended to have a mobile website to attract customers. And our mobile website will be provided at a reasonable price so that you can try it without any burden.


Customized website design for various industries

Our experienced team acts as a strategic partner– helping you rebuild your tech stack, understand your business needs, and finding a solution that plays nicely with the tools, so that we can scope development appropriately.
We architect and design unique websites that deliver more value to your business at a reasonable price.


Create buzz for your brand to the right target market at the best time and stay connected

Maizon creates a website that resonates with your customers because it’s engineered for them. Our marketing services start with well-crafted strategies, drawing on performance data to make a better website that works for your business. We match brands with the right digital content, and our team can help optimize your company website with new branding, details, and more.


Website maintenance and support

Once your website is up and running, you still have to worry about up to date content. However, have you experienced a manufacture’s irresponsibility?
A good partnership does not have to end once a project is launched.
We are here for you! Maizon offers maintenance for your website as an ongoing service. Updated requests will be completed within 24hours.


Delivering rich experience and brand identity

Ready to make a bigger impact on your audience?
Maizon provides services to deliver your promotion material and business information by managing a YouTube channel.
We design and create ads that engage customers, boost brand visibility and maximize effectiveness. You can consistently use this content, enabling us to perform better and maximize our advertising reach.

Why Choose Maizonweb

Create digital experiences at Maizonweb

In a website?

Due to Covid-19, the society is considering applying the new normal
phenomenon that has emerged based on no-touch and non-face-to-face daily life. Don’t you still have a website? Nothing can change until it is faced.

Now, it is time to create your brand identity with a well-designed website at Maizon.

No Production cost, High Quality

Production Cost Free

On average, the upfront cost of a website, which includes launching and designing it, is $2,000 to $5,000. Does it burdensome for time and money to create a website?

At Maizon, you have immense flexibility with website cost. The website is provided for free and the burden on clients is minimized through a monthly subscription fee.

A smart and cost-effective way to advertise

Banner production

On a monthly basis, newspaper and advertisement cost $100 to $500 per month. It’s worth mentioning that the prices can fluctuate depends on the sizes. However, online banners such as blogs and SNS are $50~400 per months and are linked to a personal advertisement page or company website when clicked.

Low advertising cost! Easy to access! Beautiful Display! We create banner ads to perfectly match your requirements so that you can offer high-quality ads to your clients, optimize your processes and increase your ad revenues.

Connect with your customers using

QR Code Solution

We can create QR Code to open a website. You can place and use the QR on poster, business cards, flyers or other products to access your website for free. It accesses your website at any time, maximizes ROI, tracks and measures your websites’ success with the help of an in-built analytic module, and promotes interaction increase the number of social medial followers.

Get your free QR code right now!

Let's keep your business moving forward together

Website maintenances & support

A good partnership does not have to end once a website is launched. Website maintenance is more important than production since the website is outdated if the information has not updated. Our website maintenance guarantees enhancing existing website features and helps on website management and website optimization.

We will be here all the time
to help your business stand out

Well designed website provides visitors with a good experience of using your site and encourages repeat visits and we make sure to keep updated to remain in this circle.

You can still make adjustments even if you already published your website for free of charge.

We will help you out if you want to edit your texts, images or even information.

  • Complimentary Technical Support
  • Complimentary Design Editing Support
  • Content Management
  • Planning New Web Page and Support

Free Follow Up

Website Managed and Support Services

Website edits revisions, updates or generating
new content on offered pages based on requests

On call website support

We are available to chat anytime
during business hours

Deep Technical Expertise

We ensure a practiced blend of managed services
that accomplish the best performance

Consultative Approach

We offer consultation service or documentation
for any prospective projects or improvements

Follow-Up Procedure


Send Inquiry

Use our support request form below to submit your request.



We review the form and discuss the progress – helping you rebuild your website.



Ensure website information is accurate and up-to-date based on your request.



We generate reports and presents the final work in front of you.

  • Maintenance and support request is received through the bulletin board.
    (Telephone/email/fax are difficult to manage, so please submit on the bulletin board.)
  • On average, we’re able to finish within 3 to 5 days, but it depends on the size and scope of your request. We complete within maximum of 7 days.
  • After review the request, the person in charge will contact you separately if it is outside of the scope of the contract or if it is necessary to arrange a schedule.
  • Whenever the maintenance progress changes, we will notify you by email.