Make your place feel special


Virtual tours offer a realistic appearance of your place
which will increase engagement

Faced with a contactless era, Maizon has brought cutting-edge
digital experiences to the forefront. It’s time for you to enjoy.
Offering a virtual tour is your problem solver.

3D Virtual Tour

In a time of social distancing, we offer the entire interior space in 3D. So you can explore the virtual interior space and have fun!
You will have access to 360° photos to see properties from the inside with views of the outlook, backyard, or even the swimming pool.
You will be more than just lucrative with not only 3D performances but many other technologies.

360° Panorama VR

A Maximized feeling of reality can give users a vivid spatial impression as if they are actually on site.
To remove the barrier that 2D photos have, 360° Panorama VR will deliver a more vivid impression of a virtual experience.
It introduces specific places to your new clients in a special and vivid way.

3D/VR Introduction

Easy to Use and Flexible

Applicable in Various Fields

Live 24/7 Accessibility Support

New Marketing Strategies in Times of COVID19

Convenient and Effective

Ultra Realistic Virtual Tour

All Industries can Adopt 3D/VR to Adapt COVID Pandemic

Real Estate





Art Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

3D/VR shooting is conducted with Maizon shooting experts through pre-shooting consultations based on plans and scenarios that meet the needs of customers.
Maizon actively works with clients and guarantees special results with great photos.

Check out everything you need to know before booking a 3D/VR service.

I have questions on 3D/VR. Who should I talk to?

If you fill out the form on the Contact Page and submit it, our customer service associate will contact you, after confirming the details of the application.
Please contact the representative number on the website for detailed process confirmation and requests after application, and we will provide you with quick guidance.

What is the procedure?

1. When you apply for production, we will assign a person in charge, and guide you over the phone.
 (Guidelines: production concept, shooting schedule, amount, contract details, etc.)

2. Our team will visit your site based on the schedule and proceed with it.
  (Before the shooting the team proceeds to filming, checking the exact shooting amount after reviewing the site in advance. Phosphorus and guidance)

3. After shooting, we will review, produce and edit.
 (The production period varies depending on the plan. It takes at least one week.)

4. When 3D/VR production is completed, we review the work and the result.
 (After review, if corrections need to be done, we will recheck with the person who was in charge and request for review. )

5. The outstanding balance needs to be paid after the final review is completed.
 (After the contract is terminated, we don’t deliver another video or photo in a different version or a different dimension. If the payment is not made, the final version will not be delivered)

How long does it take to film?

It depends on what services are being provided. In general, it takes 5-10 minutes to shoot one node.
(Depending on the size of the filming location and content itself)

What is production cost?

Everything varies depending on the size, difficulty, and region of the filming, so please inquire through the website for details. Our customer solution representatives will happily answer all your questions.