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Maizonweb Design is a top web design agency beautiful website design and branding since 2003.


Korean Canadian Cultural Association

Web Design / Custom Wix Web Design

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Hoolala Chicken

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Designing Professional Websites
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MaizonWeb is one of the leading Web Design Toronto company offering web design and development services and digital marketing solutions to B2B Clients. If you’re a business owner who wants to elevate your business visibility online, then building a flawless responsive website should be the first step. We understand the business need & requirement and design a website which drives targeted traffic to generate leads, thus growing your business. Our Website design process and pricing model makes us unique player in the market.

Self-employed Website

MaizonWeb provides dedicated Self-Employed Website Design Solutions

QR Menu Website

Want to build a simple website to showcase your business menu? Contact MaizonWeb

Real Estate Website

Our Specialization is providing web & 3D Virtual Tour Solutions to Realtors.

Event/Wedding Website

Our Toronto Web Design Company designs Beautiful and aesthetic Event and Wedding websites

Beat the competitionwith Maizon

Experience your space vividly with 3D Virtual Tour (Matterport)

The 360-degree 3D virtual tour with 4K quality provides the entire indoor space in three dimensions, allowing you to virtually experience the interior space as if you were in the field.

Virtual Tours brings parts of the world to people who are physically unable to visit certain landmarks. Most of all, it can help bring people to places that are otherwise inaccessible.


To complete a project,
We focus on the details and we will immerse ourselves in creating perfection.

Mobile Friendly

Promote your business with your own unique mobile friendly design

Web Design

We build websites optimized for different device types such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones with customized designs specialized in various industries

Digital Marketing

Create buzz for your brand to the right target market at the best time and stay connected


After publishing your website, you can change or add any content with no additional charges

Maizon Youtube

Don’t have any social media marketing strategy? Don’t worry! We’ve got you!
Promote your business on our Youtube channel
MaizonWeb is the leading Web Toronto Service Company

Most Trusted Toronto Web Design Agency

As a leading Web Design agency Toronto, we understand & embrace the value of personalization & better user experience. Every company has its unique set of needs and goals. We are one of the top website development firms, specializing in bespoke web design solutions intended to attract targeted visitors and produce quality leads. Our experienced Toronto web design agency specialists go to great lengths to integrate their innovations with your specific needs. They can simply construct a balanced blend of style and functionality to meet the marketing goals of a firm.

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When it comes to web design and development services, it is very important to choose a web design firm that offers superior web solutions which will, in turn, help the business to grow and succeed. Besides this, we are offering a wide range of digital services to various businesses. To begin with, we are providing Digital Marketing Solutions including Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, and branding. 3D Virtual tours that we offer will be a booster to the business in the digital transformation.

Web Design & Development process we follow

Information Gathering

In MaizonWeb our journey begins with assessing our clients’ specific needs as well as comprehending their overall business goals and objectives. As a leading Website design agency in Toronto, we dig deep into the client’s industry trends to make the website customized. We’ll interview the clients to extract company and industry information.

Following that, we simply validate the requirements gathered and confirm that they reflect the client’s business needs. Then we’ll create a web design process map/model by consolidating the data collected. The documents and reports are then created to track the development’s life cycle. After gathering all of the necessary information, we’ll send it to the client for approval.


Our Web Design Planning involves planning the project deadline date, milestones/sprints, other deliverables, and reaching an agreement on project priorities. We now have a strategic plan in place that aligns with the client’s original vision and makes their objectives attainable. This plan lists the software, programming languages and tools that we are going to use.

Having a proper plan ensures that the project will be completed according to the client’s requirements and the scope of the project. Besides this, it will give an overview about the cost management of web design projects.


The designing phase involves designing the website with the help of user requirements. Architectural and detailed designs will be provided to the clients for approval. This will give the client a better understanding of their site’s final look and feel. Our UI/UX Designers will craft custom designs tailored for your business to offer visual direction to the developers.

Thus it’ll be easier for the developer while code & developing the website. Our Web Design Agency Toronto will provide an eye catching web design for your project.


After getting design acknowledgment from the client, our web designers start to develop the code for the website. We have our own custom-made CMS which delivers smooth and flawless websites that rank well on Google. During the development process, the work will be divided into small parts/sprints to ensure efficiency.

The database will be developed by the backend developer and the frontend will be developed by our Web designer. Then frontend and backend will be integrated according to the functionalities requested by the client.


One of the very important key aspects of a successful website is QA Testing. Before making the website live, testing for errors, failure, and glitches is very crucial. Our QA Testers will do rigorous testing both manually and using automation systems. In this way coding mistakes, bugs causing the system failure, and other technical failures will be addressed. Our Testers use Automated testing for complex projects which require a lot of functionalities and web pages.


It’s time to submit your website to a server after you’ve double-checked it. To do this, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software is utilized. After you’ve deployed the files, you should perform one more last test to ensure that all of your files were properly installed. We ensure that the website is smooth and robust across both mobile and desktops.

Besides this, we’ll do a basic Search Engine Optimization setup for your website, so that your website will start to rank higher on Search Engines like Google.

Maintenance & Support

Once the website is up and running, it normally requires some ongoing updates. User testing may be repeated on new content and features to improve usability and to get a better user experience. All of this might result in additional design and development responsibilities. If there’s support needed from the client’s side we’ll provide the ongoing maintenance support.

A Fully Functional Website?Maizonweb is the answer.

We don’t just simply design your website.
Being a leading Web Design Agency Toronto, we think about your business
from your point of view and suggest what to do to have better online engagement.
If you are looking for the best strategy, the best choice is Maizonweb.


Management Solutions

We provide you with an easy to manage solution system
You can access and manage it using a smartphone or any device


Mobile friendly Web Page

Maizonweb offers you a unique and sleek mobile friendly web page


Responsive Web Page

You will never lose customers due to property booking issues! They can experience your space whenever they want using any device


Business Partner

We will do everything we can to make your web page stand out over your competitors


Hosting Subscription

To meet your limited budget requirement, you will be provided with a monthly hosting service subscription


Maizonweb with cutting-edge IT Tech

Beyond just listing pictures, Maizon using 3D and VR technology will remove all the hurdles that COVID19 caused to your business.


Analytic Report

We provide you with daily analytics and current visitor activity in a timely manner


Free Follow Up

Simple support including modification of phone number, address, terms of use, etc. will be provided free of charge


Web Design Customization

What is your style?
What concept do you like?
We will always take into consideration to your needs and preferences





Best Solution Pricing

Smartphone Optimized Website

  • Sub Domain Ownership
  • With 5 Pages
  • Translation Support
    16 languages
  • QR Code Issue
  • Website Maintenance Support

Responsive Website

  • Your Own Domain ( .com .net .ca .info )
  • With 8 Pages
  • Translation Support
    16 languages
  • QR Code Issue
  • Website Maintenance Support

Search Engine Optimized WordPress Web Design

  • Your Own Domain ( .com .net .ca .info )
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization
    16 languages
  • QR Code Issue
  • Multi-function

A Realistic 3D Experience

  • 360° 3D Virtual Tour with 4K Quality
  • 3D Indoor Space Tour
  • 24/7 Virtual Open House
    16 languages
  • Enjoy Virtual Viewing on PCs or Smartphones
  • Easy to use with a control navigator
  • Stay Connected in a Contactless World

Domain Expertise of our Web development company in Toronto

We have a decade of experience in crafting aesthetic, fast and responsive Real Estate websites which generate successful leads. Our Web design experts customize the website based on the client’s requirement but follow the industry’s best practices to enhance the brand’s visibility and sales.

For a Restaurant, the website is the first touchpoint whether it’s simply browsing the menu or putting an online order for delivery. You want your menu items to be precisely portrayed with sharp food photographs and brilliant colours, enticing them to dine. We built 100+ restaurant and hotel websites so far which makes us experts in developing restaurant websites.

With user-friendly E-commerce website design, development, and digital marketing solutions, we help retail shops remain ahead of the competition. In addition to this, a Local SEO setup will be provided so that the website will be perfectly optimized to rank on search results.

Healthcare professionals are critical to the health and well-being of communities. To build credibility for a clinic or hospital, a well-designed trustworthy website is so important. We offer medical practices and physicians websites and digital marketing services, allowing them to focus on their patients.

Why choose MaizonWeb for Web Design?


In MaizonWeb, we follow a user-centric approach rather than product-centric. Depending upon the needs of the user, we provide customized solutions. During the development stage, we keep in touch with clients to ensure that we are getting the desired final outcome.

Affordable Pricing Options

We offer affordable web design services in the market at the moment. But our pricing doesn’t mean we’re compromising on the quality. At MaizonWeb, you can expect high-quality projects without any delays.

10+ years of experience in Web Design

Our experienced technical team will create your website using cutting-edge technologies. Web Design experts from MaizonWeb will stay connected with you throughout the web development process.

Obsessed with Quality

We provide you with a world-class website by utilizing innovative technology in the most efficient manner. We deliver your website project with the utmost quality in 2 weeks.

Effective communication & project management

Our good communication strengthens the connection and resolves disputes, allowing for a smooth development path. Also, we follow agile development methodology to design your website.

Following industry best practices

In our web design Toronto company, we develop top-notch websites by leveraging the industry’s-best practices. This is to ensure that your business stays ahead of your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, websites built by MaizonWeb are mobile-friendly. We understand for any business, the number of mobile users will be more. Our web designers will create a seamless experience for the website users. Besides this, Google ranks a website based on mobile-first indexing

What things to consider when designing a website?

To begin with, you need to decide which functionality you want to see on your website. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, you might need a food ordering feature. Then in that case you need to mention your requirements during our project meeting. Besides this, you need to pick a pricing plan listed on our website. You can view our web design pricing here: http://maizonweb.ca/pricing/.

Why Choose MaizonWeb for your website design project?

MaizonWeb has a lot of experienced professional web designers in its arsenal. In addition to this, MaizonWeb is the only web design Toronto agency that provides highly functional websites for free of charge. We only charge for the hosting of the website, websites hosted in our servers are blazing fast, thus it can enjoy top rankings in search engines like Google.

Do you provide Maintenance & Support after developing the website?

Yes, we offer website maintenance & support services after developing your website. This will be free of charge.

How much does it cost to build a fully-functional website?

Building a brand new website is completely free. The business can get a website for free, they just have to pay for the website hosting. Fully-functional mobile websites start at $ 19/month. Using this plan you can select either to develop a mobile-friendly website or QR Menu Website. We provide Online business cards as well.

Then comes the SMART plan, with this you can get a mobile-friendly website with stock images. Our web designers will develop a mobile website with 5 pages. We offer the template design as well. This costs around $29/month.

Finally, we have a MULTI plan, using this plan we’ll develop a top-notch responsive website that works seamlessly on devices like Desktop, Tablet, and mobile. This plan costs around $ 49/month.

Could you Redesign my existing website?

Yes, we can improve & redesign your outdated website. We understand over time, the website will look outdated, due to this your customers might not be interested in your service or it’ll affect your SEO. To cater to this, we offer website redesign services.

Do you offer Digital Marketing Services as well?

MaizonWeb Offers Digital Marketing Services as well in addition to Web Design Projects. If you want to improve your business presence online, Digital Marketing package is much recommended. With this, you’ll get SEO, Social Media Marketing, along with weekly & monthly performance reports. 

Can you manage my business’ social media channels?

Yes, based on your request we’ll manage your social media channels. We’ll create and post content, run ads (if you have the  budget) and improve your social media followers and leads.

How long will it take to design my website?

For a simple mobile website, it’ll take a week to fully deliver the website. Whereas the responsive website with functionality will take 3-4 weeks to deliver. 

How can I get started on my web design project?

Once you finalize your website development requirements, you can contact us either via email at maizonweb20@gmail.com or give us a call on (647) 887-3133. Based on the information you submit, we’ll assist you in finding the right web design plan for your project.